Joining an acting troupe is not for everyone, but for Bryant Foster Seals, the reason he has been successful in the budding Miami live theater scene after arriving there from New York City only a few years ago was finding a community of actors who wanted to form an organization to help all members find work. Seals was a budding musical actor in New York City before he moved to Miami when a friend told him about the rising scene there. Seals took a huge risk leaving a promising career in New York, one of the acting capitals of the world for a relatively unknown theater scene in another city. However, once he got there, he found himself surrounded by passionate actors who wanted to work together. This helped launch an entirely new career in a new place.

Bryant Foster Seals helped form an acting troupe that became known as the Shakespeare-Wilde Players, a group dedicated to the brilliant and genre-changing works of William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde. Seals became the de facto leader and soon found himself in different roles than he was used to. In addition to acting and performing onstage some of his favorite plays of all time, he also started directing and producing them, too. One of the main attractions of joining an acting troupe is that it creates opportunities for new and different roles in theater productions. Bryant Foster Seals knows that it also helps young and inexperienced actors find work.

Bryant Foster Seals drew on his experience organizing his actor’s troupe to build a small but growing community within the Miami theater scene