Bryant Foster Seals knew he wanted to be an actor from the moment he stepped onstage in his elementary school’s performance of The Grapes of Wrath. While the performance of the play didn’t have all the adult themes and nuances that the play has when performed by professional actors, it did give Seals a chance to see himself in the spotlight and know that’s where he wanted to be. Seals is now a professional actor living and working in Miami. Here’s how you can be a professional actor like Seals:

  • Education. While many famous actors never even graduated from high school, the best way to study the craft of acting in all settings is to learn from professional teachers and professors. Bryant Foster Seals graduated from New York University with a degree in Acting that forged connections with other actors and allowed him to develop the skills that all actors need.
  • Take intensive training courses. Attend summer camps, acting workshops, and other short training courses to hone your acting craft. Some of these programs cram months of acting training and lessons into two to three weeks.
  • Try out for community theater parts. This is a step up from college performances if the community theater has a good budget and takes their craft seriously. Bryant Foster Seals performed for several community theaters before he took paying gigs on and off Broadway to connect with professionals and learn more about the craft.

Bryant Foster Seals now heads an acting troupe in Miami dedicated to the works of Oscar Wilde and William Shakespeare.