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Bryant Foster Seals is currently pursuing his dreams of being an actor by starring in a healthy cooking show. He has appeared in several other smaller roles and he hopes to one-day star in Hollywood films. Though Bryant Foster Seals isn’t as far with his acting career as he might wish to be, he is further than many other acting hopefuls. The reasons why some actors never make it big vary, but you can take steps to successfully pursue your acting dreams. Below are some helpful tips that will get you on the right track:

  • Make realistic plans. Actors often approach their career with a short-term mentality, failing to make long-term goals. Instead of planning to star in a Hollywood film in the next two years, plan to star in at least one during your lifetime. This is more realistic and leaves room for practical short-term goals instead of lofty aspirations. If your short-term plan is instead to get a small part in a commercial or a television show, you’ll have an easier time getting your foot in the door. These small parts have the potential to lead to larger roles that will fulfill your long-term goals, too.
  • Do financial research. Acting rarely makes as much as hopefuls believe it will. Most new actors still have to maintain part-time or full-time jobs to make ends meet until they get big, according to backstage.com. Calculate your cost of living and save enough to live for at least three months before you take chances quitting your job for an acting gig. This way, if the gig falls through, you’ll have a safety net while you get back on your feet.
  • Successful actors and actresses devote hours to studying their craft. They take acting classes to get hands-on experience and to make connections with others in the industry. They also make time to read acting books and to practice acting skills at home.

It isn’t easy to pursue acting, but with a practical approach, you can hope to achieve roles like those that have allowed Bryant Foster Seals to pursue his dreams of acting.