Bryant Foster Seals knew he wanted to be an actor from the moment he first stepped onstage in the fifth-grade production of The Grapes of Wrath. Seals took to the stage from the moment the spotlight found him. He says he knew he wanted to be an actor because he didn’t feel nervous like his classmates. He thought that he would freeze the second he found himself the center of attention onstage. But when his line came, he felt an incredible rush and sense of excitement that he knew he wanted to feel again, as often as possible, as many times as possible. From then on, Seals was an actor.

Bryant Foster Seals grew up in upstate New York, the son of an insurance salesman and an English professor. As an only child, Seals put on one-man shows for his parents, who encouraged and pushed his acting skills as far as they would go. Seals’ parents would pose challenges for him, sometimes even writing their own plays for him to perform for them in their living room. By the time he took the stage in his elementary school’s production of The Grapes of Wrath, he was already an experienced and skilled actor in his own right.

In high school, Bryant Foster Seals starred in as many productions as possible. He studied the great playwrights from contemporary literature and from ancient Rome and Greece. He attended New York University on an acting scholarship and found the creative atmosphere he craved growing up in upstate New York. After he graduated from NYU, Seals started taking acting jobs wherever he could find them, landing several roles in off-Broadway productions. He learned to sing and dance with intensive training from a few of the best instructors he could afford, sometimes eschewing shelter and food to pay for his lessons. He thought of his training as the best investment in himself he could make.

Bryant Foster Seals found himself a niche within the New York acting and theater scene. He became known for his spirited and skilled performance in off-Broadway shows and even participated in several on-Broadway shows as well. Before long, people were coming to shows to see him.

Bryant Foster Seals met with an acting friend after a particularly spirited performance of Guys and Dolls and heard about an opportunity to forge a new connection to a new community in a new city. His friend was moving to Miami, where a recent revival in live theater had resulted in many opportunities for skilled and rising actors like Seals. Seals wanted to try something new and break out of his niche. He left New York City after promising to return someday and moved to Miami. There, he found himself a rising star in the theater scene.