Bryant Foster Seals is an actor living in Miami, Florida. He is presently working on a healthy cooking show that allows him to express his passions for both acting and cooking, but Bryant Foster Seals hasn’t always been this successful. Like any actor, he has experienced his ups and downs. The actors and actresses who stay motivated through the tough times are often the ones who are able to make it big in the future. Regardless of your goals, staying motivated isn’t easy.

One of the best ways to maintain motivation is by setting goals. Write down your ultimate long-term goal(s) and then work backwards through the small steps required to get there. If you feel as though a certain step is not achievable, break that step down into several smaller steps until it is. With the right goals, and a constant drive to reach them, you can do almost anything.

Don’t forget personal goals as well as professional ones. For example, make a goal to go for a walk three times per week. When you meet this goal, reward yourself with something small, like a piece of candy or watching a movie. Consistent rewards for reaching goals will help motivate you and remind you that you’re working toward the bigger picture.

Rewarding yourself for reaching goals ties into keeping your life fun. A fun life will help you get through bad times and stay motivated. Do things that you love and find fun on a regular basis. Use them as rewards for reaching goals. For example, if you manage to save more than $50 in a month, reward yourself by spending a night with your friends the following month.

By taking motivation seriously, Bryant Foster Seals and other successful professionals are able to make progress in their lives. To those who are struggling, this ability can appear almost super human, but it is usually a simple process of setting and achieving goals.