Bryant Foster Seals moved to Miami from New York City because he wanted to strike out on his own and participate in the productions he has always wanted to perform in. He felt trapped by his own renown in New York because he felt that producers and directors had backed him into a niche he no longer wanted to be a part of. He performed in off- and on-Broadway productions regularly in New York City. After several years of exhausting work in these productions, Seals decided to move to Miami and participate in the rising theater scene there.

Soon after Bryant Foster Seals arrived in Miami, a friend of his put him in touch with a director who was looking for a lead role for his production of Othello. Seals jumped at the chance to play the tragic lead character in one of his favorite plays of all time. Seals has always been fascinated by Shakespeare’s plays, but he had never gotten to perform any of them in New York. His performance of Othello won him rave reviews and earned him a reputation for excellence in Shakespearian roles. Seals wanted to perform more Shakespearian plays in the rising Miami live theater scene, so he formed a new acting troupe that would be devoted to performing only plays by the Bard.

Bryant Foster Seals recruited several actors from the Othello performance and the director to join the troupe. Soon they were performing almost every day for large audiences in a performance space they rented together. Word spread of their excellent performances and soon more actors wanted to join. Seals started work on the administrative and business side of the new and rising troupe. As more actors joined, they brought their own passions and preferences to the group. Several new actors were devoted to the plays of Oscar Wilde. In a meeting with the troupe, Seals expressed his enthusiasm and excitement for the troupe’s new direction. They would become the Shakespeare-Wilde Acting Troupe, dedicated to top-notch performances of the works of William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde.

Ever since their initial run of performances, the Shakespeare-Wilde Troupe has risen in popularity in the rapidly rising Miami live theater scene. Bryant Foster Seals couldn’t be more proud of his troupe and how quickly they have become one of the most popular troupes of their kind in the city. Seals hopes to expand his troupe’s performance space and capacity by bringing in as many new actors and directors as possible. He hopes to form an acting collective one day full of actors and dramaturges of all kinds to put on a wide range of performances beyond Shakespeare and Wilde. While he will have to change the name of the troupe, Seals is ready for the next challenge and the next step in the ladder of success for his career in Miami.