Bryant Foster Seals is a Floridian actor, a fitness enthusiast and a chef who focuses on healthful cooking. He must maintain his physique so that he looks good enough for his acting positions and so he can keep up with his workouts. Healthy people like Bryant Foster Seals aren’t just lucky, even though it can appear that way from the outside. They work hard and schedule their lives so that they can maintain their bodies. Anyone can schedule in a healthy life by following steps like these:

  • Eliminate time-wasters. Facebook, Pinterest and other Internet browsing wastes a lot of time in the modern life, as does playing games and messing with apps. Unless the time you spend doing these things is truly mandatory, stop. You will likely feel lost without your time wasters at first, but in a few weeks, you’ll be accustomed to the extra time you have.
  • Schedule workouts and put your newfound free time to use. Aim to work out for between 30 and 60 minutes per day, three to five days per week. This will be jarring at first, but you’ll soon look forward to your daily exercise.
  • Make your meals at the beginning of each week. One reason why a lot of people eat poorly is time. Fix this issue and make a week’s worth of healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners at the beginning of each new week. This will eliminate your time spent wondering what you should eat and it will simplify making healthy choices.
  • Be active with friends. Instead of hitting the club and drinking thousands of calories, go hiking, surfing or biking with your friends. This will let you bond, relax and stay healthy at the same time.

Being healthy isn’t something that works when you dabble in it. To truly transform your body, you must devote your life to staying healthy. Through his cooking show, Bryant Foster Seals does just that when he teaches others to eat the way he does.