Bryant Foster Seals feels very comfortable on a boat, but many people get seasick while on the ocean. The movement of the waves can become too much for them and they may feel dizzy or nauseous. Sea sickness can ruin a fishing or boating trip. If you get sick on the ocean, remember these tips for dealing with it.


Sometimes chewing on gum or even eating something salty like crackers can help make you feel better. Eating helps your mind focus on other things and can also help keep your stomach from getting upset.


You may need to just sit down for a while to stop your stomach and your head from feeling strange. Setting down can help you feel more balanced and allow you to feel more stable. It can also take you away from the sights of the ocean and the boat and make you less likely to notice the motion.


There are many over the counter medications that can help prevent seasickness or motion sickness. If they aren’t strong enough, talk to your doctor to see if there are any prescription medications that may be able to help you.

Bryant Foster Seals does not get sea sick and feels fine while on the water. If you get seasick but still love to be on the water, consider the tips above to help you deal with it. You shouldn’t have to miss out on fun just because you experience sea sickness.